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Rick Wilson co founder of the LeMaitre pyrotechnics and special effects company S1-E1 BizzHeadz Podcast


Rick Wilson, co founder of LeMaitre pyrotechnics and special effects company with the late Martin Blake talks to BizzHeadz host Steve Watts. Steve is the founder of Abstract show lighting company based in the UK. Rick talks about the history of one of the worlds most established pyrotechnics businesses on the past, present and the future including the impact of COVID-19.

This is a must watch episode of BizzHeadz, where Abstract's host Steve Watts drills down on a company that has survived over 40 years in the entertainment industry, but now LeMaitre like so many other established brands, has to face the challenges associated with the worlds most disruptive virus that has bought the industry to it's knees. S1-E1

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